It’s snowing in here too. (Χιόνι κι εδώ μέσα)

It’s snowing in here.

I thought of a friend today, a lovely being with red curly hair. Her favorite quote, “it’s raining in here”. A lonely feeling at the horizon, where everyone and everything seemed far away and her, all alone, trying to manage anything that hurt. Trying to make some sense.

“It’s raining in here”

So, assuming that snow is colder than rain, though soft and pure and not menacing yet, at least for people that hadn’t got used to it?

So, with this in mind I will change her quote a bit. “It doesn’t rain in here, it’s snowing”.

“It’s snowing in here as well as outside.”

So… what exactly is your point, besides quoting a friend with red curly hair you would ask?

It doesn’t really matter what my point is. I’m operating under the assumption that no one, ever, is going to read this, so I’m only having a nice conversation with myself. An inside monologue, poor man’s therapy.

It’s been snowing out there since midday… It’s snowing in here for quite some time now.

Where did all this came from, I keep asking myself. Something got screwed up inside and made everything seem blurry and unreachable, removed all sense of pleasure and purpose and all seems grey now. Or perhaps there’s some faulty wiring in my brain, a switch that once triggered one stops smiling, stops seeing colors and sees only grey.



to be continued

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